Stem Cell Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Supercharge your sexual performance and permanently cure erectile dysfunction with our new simple, safe and affordable  stem cell injection

– injection can regenerate and regrow damaged tissue. This does everything our popular HE-SHOT does only better.  This treatment has the potential to permanently eradicate ED!  See more about other stem cell applications on our blog

What is the HE-TURBO SHOT?

Our – injection ( HE-TURBO)  uses – technology to REPAIR, REGROW and REJUVENATE existing blood capillaries and vessels in the penis.  Our HE-SHOT does this using Platelet-rich plasma from your own blood. HE-TURBO uses a powerful formula of 5 and up to 10 million -s. Harvested from umbilical cords and delivered on the day of treatment.

HE-Turbo – the male enhancement procedure

Stem Cell injections (HE-Turbo) can enhance male sexual performance. The treatment can increase the firmness of your erection making your penis larger for you and your partner’s sexual pleasure.

 HE-shot – the erectile dysfunction treatment

With increased blood circulation, a more sensitive penis, and shorter times between erections, you’ll be back to pleasuring your partner in no time. Increase your sexual confidence and performance with this new cutting edge treatment.

Could this treatment cure me of Erectile dysfunction in one shot?

We believe so. – therapy is controversial and we know it has worked incredibly well in some cases. (Patients have been cured of major spinal injuries for example).

If applied correctly at the site of the Penis we believe there is huge potential for this treatment to repair damaged tissue, enhance performance, and even eradicate ED.

This pain-free process uses stem cells to regenerate and regrow tissue leading to:

  • Longer and Stronger Erections
  • Regenerated blood flow curing ED
  • Improvements in sexual performance
  • Better orgasms

HE-Turbo (A new treatment to enhance male performance)

Stem Cell Therapy to enhance sexual performance is a relatively new concept but one which is gaining increasing popularity in the medical profession.

More and more trials are being conducted combining Stem cells with local site injections to repair, and regenerate damaged tissue. This is particularly true for orthopaedic treatments for people who have bad backs or knees due to damaged or degenerated discs or ligaments etc.  These treatments are now getting incredible results.

The same treatment can be used to enhance and improve sexual health and performance in men, who often experience a natural degeneration with age.

Stem Cell therapy has the potential to reverse this degeneration PERMINATLEY.

See review on Google and on our testimonials page

With our proprietary HE-TURBO:

  • There is no need for sprays, pills, or cream. It’s a non-invasive procedure.
  • Treatment is delivered in our clinic and takes only about 45 minutes.
  • Prior to all – treatments, an extensive blood test is required.
  • Once the test is clear the treatment is set for a specific time as the -s need to be prepared fresh in the lab and delivered to us at the clinic 

We only use the best AABB accredited Lab

5 million good stem cells are better than 50 million low pathway large cells that will not have any real effect.  That is why we only use the best lab in Thailand which is fully AABB accredited.


Stem cell injection – 5 million cells –  Blood Test Included

Plus 1 x Free Shockwave + 1 Free HE Shot  (Value 15,000 THB)

All for only 55,000 THB!

Turbo Charge your sexual performance and rid yourself of ED once and for all with our new cutting edge – stem cell injection therapy.
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