Botulinum at he clinic

Non-invasive procedures to enhance your life by helping you to feel more confident and deal with size inferiority issues
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anti aging at he clinic bangkok

Our approach is inside and out. We evaluate your needs to help you look younger, feel vitalized and enhance your life
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Botulinum at he clinic

Non-invasive  treatments to revitalize your looks and give immediate results by making you look years younger
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Life Coaching at the clinic

Change your life from the inside with our holistic health and wellness methodology to give you more self-confidence
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Welcome to the HE Clinic for Men.

Thailand’s First and Only Men’s Health and Lifestyle Clinic

We are dedicated to enhancing your life, inside and out, through specific treatments and procedures developed exclusively for Men. The cornerstone of our approach was laid out more than 20 years ago by the founder, expert plastic surgeon and Men’s health expert, Dr. Richard Diacakis from France.

He has developed and perfected techniques employing his deep knowhow and using only the highest-quality products. Dr Richard has now teamed up with leading Thai plastic surgeon Dr. Chayut Fungtongjararoen to open the He Clinic in Bangkok, an exclusive health center that caters to Men’s health and wellness – all in a comfortable and discreet environment assuring 100% confidentiality.

We employ specialists in various fields to offer you the best-possible service ensuring our patients feel comfortable in an environment where they are never kept waiting, where their issues are dealt with in utmost confidence, and they can receive the best-possible treatments and results.

Enhancing Life Inside and Out

enhancement at the he clinic bangkok
anti aging treatments at he clinic bangkok
face aesthetics at the he clinic bangkok
life coaching at the he clinic

Reviews of the Clinic and Our Treatments

  • Even better than I could have believed.

    Following a complex that I have always had, one of my friends told me about Dr. Diacakis, because he himself was one of his patients. I went to see him to have an injection penoplasty. Dr. Richard immediately advised me as to how it should be. He is a person of competence and very human. I am very happy with the result, even better than I could have believed!! Thanks to Doctor Richard for changing my life."

    Julien, 34 years old, 09/03/17
  • I can be 100% myself A success!

    "From my adolescence, it was something that bothered and worried me a lot. Since the operation, I have forgotten how bad the problem was. I have no complex and I can be 100% myself. A success!

    Vincent, 33 years old, 05/03/17
  • I can finally take advantage of my youth!

    I went from 10 cm of circumference to 12 cm. Before I was really neurotic for a long time. I was unmarried because I was ashamed. Now I feel more virile and I am no longer afraid of having new conquests. I can finally take advantage of my youth! Thank you Doctor Richard!

    Enzo, 27 years old, 26/04/17
  • Excellent service, very professional, beautiful clinic, no pain and incredible results!

    "Thank you Doctor Chayut. I was operated on in March 2017 and since then my life has changed! Excellent service, very professional, beautiful clinic, no pain and incredible results!"

    Liam, 44 years old, 14/05/17
  • The Service was excellent from start to finish. Thanks Again.

    "Thank you Dr. Chayut! My life has changed dramatically since I decided to get an enhancement. It's hard to imagine how it was before. I wouldn't want to go back. The service was excellent from start to finish. Thanks again."

    Richard, 52 years old, 16/1/17
  • Now my girlfriend (and my Mom!) says that I look years younger.

    Had my Botulinum treatment last week at He Clinic. Only took a few minutes and was painless. Now my girlfriend (and my Mom!) says that I look years younger. Thank you Dr Chayut.
    David, 36 years old, 14/05/17

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Richard Diacakis

The founder and visionary behind the HE Clinic, graduated at the top of his class from the world-famous University of Nice, Soussigne.

Now with his 20 years of practical experience have made 
him one of the best in the world.  More Info…..

Dr. Chayut Fungtongjaroen MD

His determination and work ethic were apparent from early on. Dr.Chayut’s client etiquette has earned him a ranking as one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the Kingdom

He was trained in Paris,  by Dr.Diacakis. 
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Our Location

Visiting The He Clinic for Men is easy as we are conveniently located in the heart of one of Bangkok’s most exclusive downtown areas, just a short walk from the BTS station at Thonglor.

The Clinic is located on the 2nd Floor of the Fifty Fifth Building on Thonglor Soi 2, Sukhumvit.

Completely Confidential

It’s understandable that men prefer to keep their sex life and personal health issues private.

The He Clinic is absolutely discreet. We limit our appointments so every patient is taken to a private room immediately upon arrival.

Your personal information and assessment results are kept in a secure database. Each patient is assigned a trained medical counsellor who helps select the best-possible solution.

Counselors will answer all your questions regarding the examination, assessment and prescribed treatments. Our counselors will be available to you before, during and after procedures you have done at He Clinic.

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