HE Clinic Pricing


  • Penis augmentation

  • HA filler 7,500-15,000 Baht per CC

  • Minimum suggestion 8-10 CC


  • Lab test for routine health checkup

  • Hormone level

  • Heavy metal level

  • Hormone Replacement Program 15,000 THB per shot (every 3 months)


  • Facial massage 300 Baht per 20 minutes

  • Filler 15,000 Baht per CC

  • Botulinum 350 Baht per unit

  • Mesotherapy 3,500 Baht per time | Promotion: 10x for 30,000.- Baht


  • Psychological consulting with NLP master

  • Help support your mind and any psychological issues that could cause:

  • Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

  • 3,500 baht/hour for counselling

ED treatment at He Clinic


  • Consultation with specialist

  • Lab test for routine health check-up and hormone level

  • Vasodilator tablets

  • (Package include consulting fee, lab test, TRT and tablets cost 30,000 Baht per visit every 3 months)

  •  Linear shock wave machine for improving ED (37,500 Baht for 5 sessions ) Available as of November 1st 2017

  • Post cycle therapy for clients who used treatments by themselves and have problems

Recent reviews of the He Clinic Bangkok

  • Even better than I could have believed.

    Following a complex that I have always had, one of my friends told me about Dr. Chayut, because he himself was one of his patients. I went to see him to have an injection penoplasty. Dr. Chayut immediately advised me as to how it should be. He is a person of competence and very human. I am very happy with the result, even better than I could have believed!! Thanks to Doctor Chayut for changing my life."

    Mister Big, 34 years old, 09/03/17
  • I can be 100% myself A success!

    From my adolescence, it was something that bothered and worried me a lot. Since the operation, I have forgotten how bad the problem was. I have no complex and I can be 100% myself. A success!

    Vincent, 33 years old, 05/03/17
  • I can finally take advantage of my youth!

    I went from 10 cm of circumference to 12 cm. Before I was really neurotic for a long time. I was unmarried because I was ashamed. Now I feel more virile and I am no longer afraid of having new conquests. I can finally take advantage of my youth! Thank you, Doctor Richard!

    Xiong, 27 years old, 26/04/17
  • Excellent service, very professional, beautiful clinic, no pain and incredible results!

    Thank you Doctor Chayut. I was operated on in March 2017 and since then my life has changed! Excellent service, very professional, beautiful clinic, no pain and incredible results!

    Liam, 44 years old, 14/05/17
  • The Service was excellent from start to finish. Thanks Again.

    Thank you Dr. Chayut! My life has changed dramatically since I decided to get an enhancement. It's hard to imagine how it was before. I wouldn't want to go back. The service was excellent from start to finish. Thanks again.

    Abu al Khayr, 52 years old, 16/1/17
  • Now my girlfriend (and my Mom!) says that I look years younger.

    Had my Botulinum treatment last week at He Clinic. Only took a few minutes and was painless. Now my girlfriend (and my Mom!) says that I look years younger. Thank you Dr Chayut.

    David, 36 years old, 14/05/17