Penis Enhancement in Thailand


Since 2003, expert plastic surgeon Dr.Richard from France and by Dr.Chayut Fungtongjararoen from Thailand have been recommending injections of the highest quality FDA approved Hyaluronic Acid, a naturally occurring liquid found in the body for penile augmentations.

Their method has been proven successful for more than 3,000 patients and continues to gain popularity because of patient satisfaction and ease.

  • Excellent safety record.
  • No cutting or bleeding (only injections).
  • Short treatment time (within 60 minutes)
  • Local, not general, anesthesia.
  • No scarring (as opposed to open surgery).
  • Long-lasting and substantial size gains.

Did you know that you can now increase your size by 30% or more within 60 minutes?

  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Proven to be 100% safe and effective
  • Confidentiality guaranteed

Penile Enhancement Program

  • Penis enhancement
  • HA filler 7,500-15,000 Baht per CC
  • Minimum suggestion 8-10 CC
  • Satisfy and sustain your partner.
  • Stay strong longer.
  • Dramatically boost your life.

ED treatment at He Clinic

Erectile Dysfunction Program

·        Consultation with specialist

·        Lab test for routine health check-up and hormone level

·        Replacement therapy in case of low T level

·        Vasodilator tablets

·        (Package include consulting fee, lab test, TRT and tablets cost 30,000 Baht per visit every 3 months)

·        Post cycle therapy for clients who used treatments by themselves and have problems

Linear shock wave machine for improving ED (37,500 Baht for 5 sessions)

Available as of  November 1st 2017