Non-Invasive Fat Freezing (Body Sculpting)

What is Fat freezing, sometimes known as ‘cool sculpting’ or Cryolipolysis ?

Fat Freezing is an FDA approved procedure that involves the non-invasive cooling of body fat to break down fat cells, resulting in a reduction of body fat without damage to other tissues. The effect can take from 2 to several weeks for the results to be fully seen. During the procedure:

🔶 A vacuum applicator is placed on the skin to bring it into contact with cooling panels.

🔶  Patients feel a cold sensation for a few minutes, as it produces an anaesthetic effect.

🔶  The fat is cooled for up to an hour.

Why choose cryolipolysis? 

✅   Ideal candidates are relatively fit but have small amounts of stubborn body fat that cannot be easily reduced by diet or exercise.

✅  The procedure is non-invasive.

✅  There are no long-term or significant side effects.

✅  Anesthesia and pain medication are not needed.

✅  The procedure is ideal for the abdomen, love handles and the back.

Does fat reduction by freezing actually work?  

👍 Yes, Cryolipolysis has a very high success rate, is FDA approved and is increasingly popular due to the convenience, safety and lack of side effects. fat removal at HE Clinic for men Areas of Fat that can be removed:

  • 🔶 Upper and lower abdomen
  • 🔶 Chin
  • 🔶 Chest
  • 🔶 Back
  • 🔶 Flanks
  • 🔶 Thighs

I have a lot of fat and am 20kg overweight is this treatment right for me?

✅ If you have a large amount of fat to remove we recommend other treatments (like weight loss injection or TRT) to help supplement the process.

✅ Cryolipolysis can eliminate up to 30% of the fat cells in any given part of a person’s body.

✅ There is no recovery time necessary for Cryolipolysis. One session takes 35 minutes to 65 minutes

✅ You may need a few sessions spread out over several weeks to achieve the best results, though you will start to see initial results a few weeks after your first session.

✅ Most people see the full results of Cryolipolysis 2 to 3  months after their last procedure.

Freeze the fat off safely at HE Clinic Bangkok

 It took some time but I was happy with the results ***** I had to attend the HE Clinic a few times to get the desired results but what impressed me about the treatment was the ease and also the safety factor.  My friend was very badly injured from a liposuction procure on his neck, that really put me off.  With this procedure I felt totally safe and was more than happy with the results from HE Clinic – David  from Germany

Is it safe? Yes, much safer than Liposuction and it’s FDA approved. A 2015 review reports that the rate of minor complications with liposuction is 21.7% For Cryolipolysis it’s less than 1%. Cryolipolysis non invasive fat reduction

How many sessions are required?

✅ Fat freezing is most effective when a patient is close or nearing their ideal, healthy weight. Typically, a patient should only have about 20-30 extra pounds (10-15 kilos) to lose. Patients at the ideal weight for this procedure may only need to undergo one treatment to achieve their goal appearance.

✅ If you have a small amount of stubborn fat, one round of treatment can be effective. If you desire to slim a larger area, or you have slightly more fat on your body, you may need multiple point treatments (see our pricing options below).

✅ After 1-3 visits, a patient can dramatically improve their physical appearance. In theory, there is no limit to how many procedures a patient can undergo. The procedure is safe and promotes a natural bodily response to fat destruction.

✅ After each session, you can expect to see a 30% reduction in fatty tissue. You may see an improvement in the treated area after 3 weeks but it may take up to 2 -3 months to get the full benefit of the treatment.

✅ Each session lasts 35 to 65 minutes. chin fat removal before and after

A free consultation is recommended before commencing treatment.

The treatment is painless and each session lasts from 35 minutes to 65 minutes depending on how many points are treated. You can combine with other treatments such as new Weight loss injections or Testosterone treatment 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the treatment work?

    Yes the treatment is proven to work effectively and has been used over 8 million times around the world.  Watch a video on Fox news about the treatment

  • Is the treatment painful?

    There may be some initial discomfort until you numb out from the cold.  Initially the cold can create a mild burning sensation.

  • Will I experience any pain after the treatment?

    Some patients may experience mild or severe redness that gradually improves after a few days.

  • Is the treatment safe for patients with heart disease?

    Yes, it’s completely safe for patients on heart medication or patients who have high blood pressure

  • Is the treatment recommended for patients with diabetes?

    Yes, most definitely the treatment is ok for diabetics.

  • Is this a perminant solution?

    Any area that receives treatment will have a permanent reduction in the number of fat cells.

  • How many sessions are recommended?

    1 or 2 for small areas such as the chin, several for larger areas such as the abdomen. This also depends on the amount of fat.

  • How long do the sessions last?

    Each session lasts around 25 to 65 minutes depending on the number of areas treated.

  • How far apart should sessions be spaced?

    We recommend every week but the same area need not be treated again for several months.

  • Can I space my session days or even weeks apart?

    Yes, you can

  • Are there any activity restrictions while taking this treatment

    Because this is a non-invasive procedure there are no activity restrictions, you can return to work on the same day or take an international flight

  • When will I notice the effects of the treatment?

    You should notice some effects within 2 – 3 weeks but the full effects can take 2 -3 months.

  • Is this treatment suitable for someone with a lot of fat

    You should cover this issue with the doctor at your free consultation to ascertain whether this treatment is ideal.  Large amounts of fat can be removed with liposuction but not without risks.  With fat freezing, it takes more time but is much safer.

  • Can I combine this treatment with another treatment like HE-shot?

    Yes, this is a non-invasive procedure and can be combined with other procedures.

  • Is there any preparation I need to do before treatment?

    No there is no preparation required for this treatment.

  • Can I go to the gym, do sports or swim after this treatment?

    Yes, you can, this treatment does not require that you restrict your activity.

  • Can I take alcohol before and after treatment?

    Yes, you can drink as you would normally.

  • Are there any dietary restrictions while on this treatment?

    No, you can eat and drink as you do normally

  • I am very overweight can I still do this treatment?

    Being overweight will not affect this treatment however if you are extremely obese you should consult with the doctor first.

  • Does it make a difference what type of machine you use?

    Yes, we use only the best equipment at HE Clinic that delivers the best possible results for our patients.

  • I am a heavy smoker will this treatment still work on me?

    Yes, even if you are a heavy smoker and drinker this treatment can still work.

  • I have cryoglobulinemia can I do this treatment?

    No, people who suffer from cryoglobulinemia, cold agglutinin disease or paroxysmal cold hemoglobulinuria cannot take this treatment. If you have any doubts discuss with the doctor prior to treatment.

  • I am on medication for heart problems which includes low dosage aspirin and blood thinners, will this affect my treatment?

    No, you are quite ok to continue with your current medical routine while you are taking the treatment

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    Yes, we take all major credit cards at HE Clinic

  • Do I need to get changed?

    Yes, you will be required to change, we have facilities for you at the clinic

  • Can I get a discount if I book more sessions?

    Yes, we offer a discount for people who take more sessions and we also run regular promotions.

  • Is the teatment FDA approved?

    Yes, this treatment is FDA approved in the US and Thailand.

  • Can I pay online?

    Yes, we do not normally take payment online, but we can arrange this if necessary

  • Do I have to pay in advance?

    The consultation with the doctor is free and most patients will pay at the point they decide to go ahead with the treatment.

  • Will my medical insurance company cover the cost?

    This is between you and your medical insurance company. Normally you would need to pay for the treatment and then claim back from your insurance company. We do not claim the cost of the treatment on your behalf

  • Are the results guaranteed?

    The treatment is an overwhelming success and beneficial in over 95% of patients.

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee if the treatment does not work?

    At HE Clinic we do not offer money-back guarantees for services, but we are very confident of our treatments and will do everything in our power to make sure each customer is happy.

  • Do you have any positive reviews of this treatment?

    Yes, you can find reviews on our website here and independently on Estheticon.