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Penile Enhancement injections?

Have you thought of penile enlargement injections and what it can do for your life?

Would you want to be able to increase your size by 30% or more within 60 minutes?

Or perhaps you want to get rid of your erectile dysfunction problems? How would that improve your life, make you happier?
What do you want to be able to do?

Do you want to:

  • Get substantial size gains
  • Be confident in yourself
  • Satisfy your partner
  • Reverse erectile dysfunction problems
  • Prevent scarring

Are you also worried about the quality of the doctors available and the results you can have?


Enlargement by Hyaluronic Acid Injection


Penile enlargement by hyaluronic acid injection is a medical technique (without surgery, without scaring) which makes it possible to increase size and length. It also increases the glands and demonstrates its effectiveness on premature ejaculation.

The first works on these techniques were published in the 1920s by Subrini, who was able to length by 3 cm, by disinsertion of the suspensory ligament. In 1990 Ricardo Samitier performs the first fat transplant for enhancement. In 2001, Dr Richard Diacakis, a plastic surgeon in Paris, developed the technique of medical Penile Enhancement by injection of hyaluronic acid.

Dr. Richard Diacakis has taught this technique to medical practitioners at HE CLINIC, Thong-Lo, Bangkok.

A Brief History of this unique procedure


Since ancient times man has always dreamed of being able to increase his size, whatever his initial size.

Even if the size of the penis is considered normal in erection, men will often have a complex about their size at rest, it is “the cloakroom syndrome”. The technique of Penile Enhancement by injection of hyaluronic acid radically treats the cloakroom syndrome because it allows not only an increase in the circumference but also to lengthen it significantly at rest.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the body. It is produced by bacterial fermentation. First used for its benefits since 1987 in ophthalmology, urology and rheumatology, we discovered its interest in aesthetic medicine to treat facial wrinkles and volumes in 2000. Due to its moisturising, filling properties, which can easily be removed if necessary, without contraindications and without major side effects, it was very quickly used worldwide in aesthetics to treat skin quality, wrinkles and facial volume. Thus it is today unequivocally the treatment of choice which makes the world unanimity in the treatment of the face.

It is in front of all the advantages of this product that Dr Richard Diacakis had the idea in 2001 to use hyaluronic acid for this new male enhancement procedure. It took a few years of work and research to develop this new technique and to define the properties of hyaluronic acids best suited to Penile Enhancement, allowing a lasting result over time with a natural look and feel. Indeed to obtain a natural aspect it is essential to inject in a very precise zone under the skin. It is this long experience that patients at HE Clinic Bangkok can benefit from today.


Penile Enlargement Injections: pre-procedure

  • HE Clinic Bangkok attaches particular importance to discretion and respect for everyone’s privacy.
  • Only the doctor will be informed of your reason for consultation.
  • Prior consultation with a doctor from HE Clinic Bangkok is necessary before any intervention.
  • The intervention can take place during the consultation, on the same day.
  • Men often have the feeling that they are too small and especially at rest even if the dimensions are considered normal. The purpose of a consultation is not to judge the real size, but to listen and understand each patient in order to provide treatment and support tailored to each.
  • The main reasons for consultation are micro penis, cloakroom syndrome, aesthetic reasons, and desire to feel more during sex, premature ejaculation and thickening of the glans.
  • The contraindications are those of hyaluronic acid: autoimmune diseases, allergy to the product, coagulation disorder. In case of a herpetic attack, the session must be postponed.


During the procedure


The Penile Enhancement operation by injection of hyaluronic acid is done in the practice because this technique is not surgical, there is no incision or suture.

penile enlargement injections are effective whether the patient is circumcised or not.

All HE Clinic Bangkok rooms have space where the patient can perform an initial antiseptic wash.

Then the second cleaning by antiseptic will be carried out by the doctor on the examination table.

The application of an unaesthetic cream combined or not with a local unaesthetic makes the session completely painless.

The hyaluronic acids used at HE Clinic Bangkok have been chosen and selected (experience of Dr Richard Diacakis) to present the most suitable characteristics for Penile Enhancement. The necessary and expected properties of hyaluronic acids used in Penile Enhancement are a natural look and feel, a sufficient and tonic enlargement, an important durability of thickening.

Similarly, the equipment used to inject hyaluronic acid has been the subject of in-depth research in order to have simple postoperative procedures, i.e. painless, trauma-free and most often hematoma-free.

Once the anesthetic is obtained, the injection of hyaluronic acid is carried out according to the personalised technique and taught by Dr Richard Diacakis. The procedure takes about 30 to 40 minutes.

Hyaluronic acid is injected into a well-defined space and all around the penile shaft to maintain a very natural appearance.

To obtain a satisfactory thickening it is necessary to provide generally between 8 and 15 ml of hyaluronic acid. The more the patients’ initial size, the greater the number of injections of hyaluronic acid (the number of ml) will be important to inject to obtain satisfaction, and vice versa.

It is also possible to increase the thickness of the glans. The whole area can be affected by this thickening: crown, dorsal, lateral and ventral part. Thickening will depend on the number of milliliters injected. The numbing of the glans is by simple anesthetic cream after 20 minutes of application or by local anaesthesic.

Doctor Chayut, a medical practitioner of HE CLINIC Bangkok will give you in person if necessary a preventive medication. Indeed sometimes it is advisable to take anti-inflammatories and antibiotics as a preventive during 4 to 7 days.


After the procedure – what to expect


Sexual abstinence is necessary for two weeks. This is the time it takes for the hyaluronic acid gel to set and not migrate.

HE Clinic Bangkok will systematically offer you a follow-up visit between 3 and 8 weeks after the operation to evaluate the result and correct any minor irregularities.

In case of excess product, there is an “antidote” to remove the excess product with a simple injection. It is thus possible, if necessary, to remove the quantity of hyaluronic acid that one wishes. It is often reassuring to know that this intervention can be totally reversible.

When the patient leaves HE CLINIC Bangkok, the thickening is then only 30% and it will be total (100%) only after 48 hours. Even a larger volume increase of about 30% is expected due a slight post procedure swelling (this is quite normal). It is therefore common during the 2 to 3 weeks following the operation to have a decrease in the thickening by resorption of swelling which should not be confused with a loss of product.

It is therefore only after about 3 weeks that the result is considered final.

Transient side effects possibly observed in the first days following the session are, as for any injection, a redness, a pain/burns/sting, oedema and/or a hematoma related to the injection.

Resumption of work is possible the same day. No cessation of sports activities.


Penile Enlargement is systematically obvious and convincing


After Penile enlargement injections a gain of 2 to 3 centimeters in circumference is generally obtained from the first session, this gain appears as much at rest as in erection. Patients notice they are heavier, more imposing and appear visually double at rest.

An obvious and immediate lengthening is noted at rest, in weight and the appearance is more imposing being permanently wider and longer. It no longer undergoes the same variations in volume and shrinkage in cold or stress as before.

In erection, of course, the patient notices they are wider and the distribution of the product is homogeneous.

The selection of hyaluronic acids chosen by Dr Richard Diacakis allows keeping a minimum thickening of 70% after 1 year and a half. There is, therefore, a maximum reduction of about 30% of the product after 1 to 1.5 years. It is then advised to make a new injection in order to preserve the volume.

For those who want to be even bigger, it is necessary to respect a delay of 30 days minimum after the first session to carry out a second intervention. Time needed for oedema to disappear.

When this procedure is repeated, the hyaluronic acid tends to disappear much more slowly, the injection times become longer and longer.

The degree of thickening of the glans also depends, of course, on the number of injections of hyaluronic acid syringes. This thickening is felt especially in an erection. The sensitivity is not changed.

Very interesting results have been obtained on premature ejaculation. Penile enlargement injections of hyaluronic acid make it easier to control ejaculation. Indeed, it not only allows greater confidence in silk thanks to the increase of the volume but it also allows better control of the ejaculation by decreasing the hypersensitivity of the area which characterises the premature ejaculation.


At rest: Larger and longer
In erection: larger but not longer


Medical Penile Enhancement allows for a harder erection that lasts longer.

For the glans: thicker depending on the amount injected both at rest and in erection but felt especially in erection.

In the context of premature ejaculation: a clear improvement in the control of ejaculation

Your Penile enlargement injections Advantage – The HE Clinic for Men

The HE Clinic’s expert plastic surgeons, Dr Richard from France and Dr Chayut Fungtongjararoen from Thailand, have helped thousands of men improve their love lives and happiness with themselves. And they have been doing it safely for years.

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring liquid found in the body. When you choose these penile enlargement injections at HE Clinic, you get:

  • An excellent safety record of helping men achieve the results they want.
  • No cutting or bleeding that comes with surgery
  • A simple process that requires only injections
  • Short treatment time – the process can be completed within 60 minutes
  • Local anesthetic so you don’t have to worry about the complications of a general anesthesia
  • None of the scarring that comes with open enhancement surgery
  • Long-lasting results and substantial size gains through the process


Male Enhancement Program – The HE Clinic for Men

Male enhancement programs can be simple and stress-free. When looking for the best male enhancement programs in Thailand, look to The HE clinic for Men. With just 8-10 cc of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), you are ready to improve your life. Our male enhancement services will help you:

Satisfy and sustain your partner
Stay strong longer
Dramatically boost your life

For some reviews of this procedure please see our Testimonials page or see more reviews in Google

Penile Enlargement injections with HA filler is priced at  8,500 Baht per CC
now 20% off  just 6,800 Baht per CC


Disclaimer: the average usage is 10 cc but it is possible to use more or less filler, this depends on current size and length and a free consultation is always advised

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Typically, the procedure takes 30 to 40 minutes.

The effects can last up to 1.5 years or more.

We recommend sexual abstinence for two weeks post-procedure.

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