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BoCox for ED: A Solution For Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction affects many men, and seeking effective solutions is crucial for a fulfilling life. But you don’t have to endure in silence, there’s no shame in seeking help with this called BoCox.

The majority of erectile dysfunction cases can be discreetly and effectively addressed with the right treatment.

One of the important keys to a firm erection is healthy blood flow to the penis. The firmness of your erection relies on optimal blood flow to your penis. When aroused, blood rushes in, facilitating an erection. Challenges arise when blood circulation slows, hindering the ability to achieve and sustain a strong erection. The good news is that numerous non-invasive treatments are available to address erectile issues effectively.

BoCox is one of them, a non-surgical treatment, that targets the root cause of erectile dysfunction by enhancing blood circulation, resulting in stronger and more frequent erections.


Let’s start with What is BoCox?

BoCox was devised by Dr. Charles Runels, MD in 2022 and involves injecting 100 units of Botox into the corpus cavernosum, the region containing vital blood vessels for erections. This non-invasive procedure, performed under local anesthesia, relaxes muscles, facilitating faster blood flow to the penis.

What can BoCox help with?

● Erectile dysfunction
● Weak erections
● Inability to maintain an erection
● Overall sexual function


Does it really relate to the size?

While studies suggest improvements in length, the primary goal of BoCox is to address erectile function. Some experience an increase in flaccid size and reduced shrinkage, especially for those with an “hyperactive retraction reflex.


Comparing to the P-Shot

While both the P-Shot and BoCox involve penile injections, it’s crucial to note their distinctive nature and purpose.

Botox has been effectively utilised for numerous years to alleviate wrinkles and fine lines. The creator of BoCox has ingeniously adapted the same methodology proven in cosmetic procedures to address a prevalent erectile dysfunction concern, the difficulty in attaining and sustaining an erection.

BoCox, using Botox, enhances blood flow by relaxing muscles. While the P-Shot harnesses the power of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), derived from your own blood, to promote tissue growth. This innovative therapy aids in enhancing weak erections and can help address specific conditions like Peyronie’s Disease, Lichen Sclerosus, and Erectile Dysfunction.


The BoCox combination

In the innovative treatment called BoCox, a combination of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Botox is utilised to address erectile dysfunction. Botox is employed to dilate existing blood vessels, promoting improved blood flow to the penis. Meanwhile, PRP serves the dual purpose of stimulating the growth of new blood vessels and enhancing the longevity of the treatment.

This unique blend ensures a comprehensive approach, not only dilating existing vessels but also fostering the development of new ones. The synergistic effect of PRP and Botox contributes to a prolonged and enhanced outcome, providing patients with the dual benefits of dilated and newly formed blood vessels.


How long does the BoCox effect last?

Results vary, but many report success even after previous medication failures. Full effects are typically experienced after six weeks, lasting up to six months. Maintenance injections may be needed for long-term benefits.

Experience this treatment with our HeClinic

The best way to determine what is right for you is by talking with a highly experienced doctor.

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