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Is cannabis legal now in Thailand?

Is cannabis legal now in thailand


Is cannabis now legal in Thailand?

Thailand Is the first country in South-East Asia to legalize cannabis, in a region with strict drug laws, this is big news.

As Thailand’s tourist economy recovers from COVID, many visitors will wonder if the new liberal cannabis regime means they can smoke wherever they want.

The simple answer is no. You can’t smoke marijuana in public, and extracts with more than 0.2% THC are still illegal to sell or supply. Non-medical use is also strongly discouraged by the government.

However, households can now grow up to six cannabis plants at home if they register with the authorities. Companies with a permit can also farm the plant.  Diners can order cannabis-infused food and drinks in restaurants.

The government insists they’re only allowing production and consumption for medical purposes.

Officials have already warned against public smoking, but because growing the plant is now legal, police are unlikely to arrest people for possession of marijuana.  In fact, the government aims to free some 4,000 cannabis-related prisoners as it has some of the most overcrowded prisons in the world.


Is cannabis legal now in Thailand

Almost immediately after the law was announced, a large grey market sprung up, with shops offering a menu of different types of cannabis plants for sale that people can openly buy.

So what about cannabis oil? As such, cannabis oil is still a restricted product and is still controlled. This means you can only legally be in possession if you have a valid medical certificate, and the only people who can legally supply it are licenced medical clinics. The only legal products are those produced by the government pharmaceutical organisation.

It is difficult to know if the authorities will continue to deregulate, will U-turn, or will attempt to retain control over what will likely be a very lucrative market.  In the meantime, those who use cannabis oil for medical reasons should still be wary of using grey market products as they are not yet legal, and the potential risk of prosecution is still there.


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