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is cannabis oil legal in Thaland

A look at the legalities of cannabis oil use in Thailand

Here we answer some questions we routinely receive from patients who are struggling to understand the risks of cannabis usage in Thailand.

So is Cannabis oil legal or illegal in Thailand?

Legal, if you are prescribed a GPO (Government Pharmaceutical Organization) or a DTAM (Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine) Product by a licensed clinic, hospital, or medical practitioner.

Illegal, if you obtain cannabis oil from any other source. So, if you ordered it online or got it from a friend or were prescribed by an unlicensed clinic a product that is not from the GPO or DTAM you may be breaking the law.

What is the GPO and how can I identify their products?

GPO stands for The Government Pharmaceutical Organization. It was founded in 1959 and produces more than 200 items including tablets, capsules, solutions, syrups, powders, and injections.

These include:

• Biological products: vaccines, serums, and antitoxins.

• Herbal products

• Chemical products

• Medical devices

• Equipment and medical tools

They also conduct research and development.

The GPO produces 4 cannabis oil products:

Cannabis oil available at he clinic thonglor bangkok

THC (5 ml bottle) THC 0.5 mg/drop (pdf)

CBD (10 ml bottle) = CBD 100 mg/ml (CBD4mg/drop)(pdf)

CBD (30 ml bottle) = CBD 100 mg/ml (CBD4mg/drop)(pdf)

THC: CBD 1: 1 formula (5ml bottle) = THC 27 mg/mL, CBD 25 mg/ml(pdf)

How pure and reliable are these products?

The products are produced to a high standard, strength, and consistency with numerous medical studies showing their efficacy in treatment.

I have heard you need to be licensed by the FDA and THC is not allowed for foreigners is that correct?

No, The license is from the Health Ministry. There are several government agencies working together on Cannabis in Thailand and these include:





Also involved are:



How do I know if a clinic is licensed or not?

The GPO will ONLY supply medical practices that are fully licensed and have all their documentation in order. So, if a clinic is offering the GPO products it means they are licensed.

Is there a register I can check?

Yes, you can check here:

To find HE Clinic select Bangkok and All you will find us at N0.27

Is there anywhere else I can check?

Yes, you can also check on the GPO website

There is a map listing all the licensed clinics.

Can you provide evidence of your license?

Yes, every licensed clinic or hospital should be able to provide the licensing documentation on request.

Do I need a medical certificate to be in possession of cannabis oil?

Yes, you do. The certificate shows that you are being treated by a particular clinic or hospital. These details can be verified at the medical clinic and also via an online register which other government agencies can access to verify you are a genuine patient.

Does Thailand have a cannabis ID card?

No, but at HE Clinic we are creating our own ID cards for patients’ convivence.

I have a medical certificate from another country, and I purchased some CBD oil online am I ok?

No, you need to go to a registered clinic or hospital in Thailand and go on the register here and use only the GPO products prescribed.

Can I use a medical certificate I got from a Clinic in Chaing Mai to get cannabis oil from a clinic in Bangkok?

You should be able to do this but at the moment it is not possible. You need to register again if wish to be treated by another clinic. The new clinic will register the change on the database.

Can I purchase cannabis oil online if I have a medical certificate from a licensed clinic?

No, cannabis oil is still classed as a narcotic in Thailand so it’s under strict control. You can only obtain cannabis oil as a registered patient at either a licensed clinic or hospital.

Can I get a repeat prescription from a pharmacy?

No, because the supply is tightly controlled by the GPO pharmacies cannot distribute cannabis oil at this time.

I find better quality CBD oil online from another country, can I use that?

No, it’s currently illegal to do so in Thailand.

What are the legal risks of having CBD oil which is not from the GPO or obtaining cannabis oil from a friend who makes his own?

As you can see from the attached graphic on the government website the penalties can be quite severe with up to 1 year in prison and a 20,000 THB fine.

law about cannabis in Thailand

the law about cannabis in thailand

A clinic offered me cannabis oil in an unmarked bottle that was not a GPO product is it safe to take that?

We recommend you only take the GPO product.

I have heard there are free clinics offering a non-GPO product, can I get this free product, and is it legal?

Yes, there are free clinics for Thai nationals and they do prescribe a DTAM product 

Can foreigners get this free treatment?

Not as far as we know.

Are the DTAM (Department of Traditional and Alternative Medicine) products legal?

Yes, they are, DTAM is one of the Government agencies working with the government on cannabis treatment and awareness.

Can I grow my own plants?

No, it’s still illegal to cultivate your own plants. The cultivation of cannabis is controlled by government agencies.

My friend was treated at a temple in the North East of Thailand where the monks grew their own cannabis and were treating cancer patients with their own products, is this legal?

Technically not, so taking cannabis oil outside the temple, even for personal use, could be a problem.

Can the laws change?

Yes, they can. The government has outlined an evaluation period of 5 years. Within this period the legislation can be altered or even revoked if it turns out to have negative impacts on the country

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