We are sharing with you this story as told to us by Siri and Bryan (names have been changed):

We were married here in Bangkok 12 years ago and we love each other very much. Sex for the first few years was fantastic! We made love at least once a day, in many places, enjoying different positions.

Gradually, though, the excitement wore off and sex became a habit, rather than something we ached for. We tried various ways to re-ignite our sex life: role-playing and sex toys, for example. Bryan was concerned that his tool was not big enough to satisfy me anymore, said Siri. He started taking pills and using creams and ointments, even tried one of those pump things, but with no visible effect. Bryan’s worrying was having a bad effect on his performance in bed.

Then Siri saw an advertisement for the He Clinic For Men’s Change which had opened in Thonglor, and persuaded Bryan to go for a free confidential consultation. Siri went along with him, and together they quickly decided that Bryan should undertake the Penoplasty (Penis Enlargement) procedure with Dr Chayut.


Bryan takes up the story: I went along to the Clinic with some trepidation. In the He Clinic’s luxurious and comfortable suite, the staff and doctor could not have been nicer or more professional and discreet. The procedure was painless and in a little over an hour, I was on my way home, with very little discomfort. I was out playing golf the next day.

The results have been amazing! My length and girth are both bigger, I feel a lot more confident, and, only one week after my visit to the He Clinic, Siri and I were enjoying sex again, with renewed vigor, just like when we first married. Moreover, Siri is blessed with multiple orgasms again.

Our sex life has been incredibly improved, thanks to He Clinic For Men’s Change.

Do you want to enhance your sex life like this happy couple?

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