Stand out from the crowd with greater girth, length, and overall volume.

We have all experienced the feeling of being average at something in life. Often, that’s ok. I don’t mind losing a poker game or being just an ordinary tennis player. But there are certain things where it truly sucks being beaten into second place. That is particularly true for attributes that define us of being manly, such as strong, clever, resourceful, dominant, and ‘big’ – yes this kind of big. 


Now, there are many aspects we have control over in our life. We can improve our physique in the gym, elevate our paycheck by furthering our education, and master social skills by traveling or being a club member. All of which are attractive to potential sexual partners. But there are things in life – whether we like it or not – over which we have no control over. And that really is disillusioning.

But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. And by that, I don’t mean visiting a psychologist to become acceptant with your size. I talk about an upgrade right there. Because ultimately, the judge isn’t you of what’s an ok size – your partner is. Even if you are not exactly small, just blending in with average Joe isn’t very comforting. The only way to stand out is ‘big’.

You have probably heard about dubious pills, creams, or even toys that supposedly increase your penis size. But let’s not kid ourselves, this doesn’t work. Basically, there are 2 approaches that are effective in increasing the length and girth of your penis. One is a full-blown surgery that requires general anesthesia and the other is carried out with localized injections.

This newly developed method from France using hyaluronic acid injections (Juvederm) has become increasingly popular. Not only can this procedure be done during your lunch break, it also leaves no scars. Consequently, you can return to your usual sex life after 1 week. This procedure is now available for the first time in Bangkok under the leading authorities Dr. Richard DIACAKIS and Dr. Chayut FUNGTONGJARAROEN.

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